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How Much Do Custom Wedding Party Favor Cost?

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Years ago, favors were pretty common at Western-style weddings as poufy-sleeved ball gowns and tiered white cakes. Today, married couples are many splits down the middle on how important they actually are, but a lot of event planners are still fans of this concept. 

It goes back to good and gracious hosting. Favors tell guests and attendants that the marrying couple appreciates them going to their wedding. If they think about including favors in their wedding, it can be pretty helpful to know everything about it, including etiquette surrounding them and how much it costs. 

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How much does it cost?

Like most aspects of a wedding, the cost of these things can differ significantly. Factors that can influence pricing may include types of favors, display designs, and wedding locale. With that being said, according to 2019 studies, average American couples spend more or less $250 on wedding favors. But experts advise their clients to budget at least $10 per guest for these things. The estimates can usually be lowered to at least $5 per guest if it is food items.

What to budget when it comes to charity donations

Donating to charitable causes instead of giving guests’ favor has become a pretty popular option at different weddings. While a couple’s first instinct might be to set the money they would have spent on favors and donate it to favored charitable institutions; experts suggest a more subtle approach. Couples want to give something that is very impactful. Partners should aim for gifts of a thousand dollars or more. 

If that is not possible, they can take their original budget and double it using cash they might have spent on something else or given to charitable institutions at another point in the year. Another approach people should take is to work with philanthropic organizations to fund a particular project or donate supplies, then share that information with the guests. 

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Instead of placing signs on tables, tell guests why giving to charities mean so much during the couple’s speech. Newlyweds need to thank their guests for the opportunity to give gifts and follow up on their wedding website or their social media pages. Companies usually send thank you letters. Newlyweds can share these letters with the attendees. Let them know that their favors did something relevant, meaningful, and good.

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Do newlyweds need to give these things?

These things accomplish tasks needed for gatherings: they thank attendees for coming to the event. But as weddings become more experienced-driven and eco-conscious, these items – in the traditional sense – have hugely fallen out of trend or fashion. After all, people don’t really need another wine opener or key chain. 

That is why experts advise their clients to think very carefully about what they want to offer to attendees and make sure it is well-thought-out and meaningful before fully committing. If the newlywed is doing it just to give favors, they do not really need it. Use the money elsewhere in the process to make attendees feel taken care of and loved.

Should newlyweds put the date of the event and their names on these items?

Couples need to put themselves in their guests’ shoes: Would they want something that had other people’s names and event dates on them? The answer is a resounding no, but there are always some exceptions. Dates and initials can be fun for single-use ones, custom wedding party favor with a short shelf life like hand sanitizers, or disposable food boxes. 

In other cases, people need to think carefully about designs. Do not put the information on these items unless it is going to be pretty, elegant, refined-looking, and sleek. Some clients wanted to put the date of the event or their initials on masks; they need to make it look like fashionable brand logos.

How and when do newlyweds hand out favors?

These things are usually at the second half of the wedding procedure. After the cake has been sliced and eaten, and the dance floor is packed with guests dancing, these things can be displayed near the venue’s exit. If the item doubles as escorts or placed cards, attendees will receive them earlier. A small sign near the tag or display is a good idea so that attendees know it is a gift for them.