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Men’s fashion- Trends vs. Style

Both the genders feel the pressure often to keep their cupboard in season and up to date, but when it comes to the fashion related to men often they feel less complicated. For women and men alike of course, fashion choices and outfits can be equally intricate and today there are a couple of trendy things which can turn fashion faux pas quickly. Men’s fashion on the contrary has a couple of staple items that will stay forever. A man will always look fashionable dressed in a superior quality, tailored suit. Select classic cuts, fabrics and colors and classic men bracelets  of steel and leather and they will never appear out-of-place. 

Classic male’s fashion is always timeless 

In fact the suit of the classic males over the years has barely changed. There are really a lot of varieties for various occasions, yet each is common in its pursuit of a sharp and smart look for the particular wearer. A striking quality regarding men’s classic fashion is that this is both effortlessly cool and stylish. Any gentleman for that matter who is well groomed will look at his sharpest always dressed in a well-tailored suit. This indeed is a testament truly to the design of this clothing. In fact a suit is worn to work and this applies to many careers owing to the professional feel and look that it offers to the wearer thereby instilling trust and respect. A suit equally will be worn for a lot of occasions like a tuxedo in a black-tie event. It is this incredible versatility which allows suits in being worn in just every occasion and this is what gives suits its permanent place and timeless edge in men’s fashion. 

Modern trends in men’s classic fashion

While the classic styles of men will not be replaced ever, but it is truly interesting to consider that shifts in male fashion trends have actually brought specific classic garments once again back into fashion. Especially the immense popularity of vintage attires has brought back different classic styles into the wardrobes of men like the dandy gentleman. The term dandy is utilized for referring to males that dress up in classic and extravagant ways, putting significance on appearance and performing in a manner that is refined. The trend for over the top classic fashion is evident from events like the Tweeted Run as to where both the genders of every age dress notably in the Victorian style attire while taking to the roads on vintage bicycles and with maximum males sporting impeccable mustaches. And this is merely one of the different examples of evidence that display the resurgence of this style. While online there is a lot of blogs that throw light on the gentlemanly style like the Dandyism and the Dandy Project along with the whole website like the “Art of Manliness” committed to offer content on classic fashion and grooming for men. 

To conclude, it may be stated that while specific aspects of men’s classic  fashion necklace  can actually be brought back like new trends, but the fundamental attires which are based on indeed will never go out of fashion.