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How wearing hat can enhance one’s appearance

Most common opinion all over the world is that people won’t look good in hats. That is true if they have never used any hats beforehand. Those who don’t hesitate to wear caps also are hesitating to wear hats. But with the recent fashion trends, this opinion is changing slowly and hats are gaining popularity among the youth generation. With a correct hat, one’s look can be enhanced and make them even more stylish in a crowd of people.

Tips for Hat Selection:

You can click here to know more about the common practices that will help to look even more blazing in hats are:

  • Right Hat for right Figure – First and foremost step for proper hat selection is to select the hat based on the face structure and texture. For example, smaller hat will be suitable for smaller faces and vice versa. Based on the proportion, hats should be selected. The only thing to be kept in mind is the hat should not extend beyond the length of your shoulders.
  • Adjusting Position – If the hat is not looking pleasant when it is first placed on your head, keep adjusting its position until you get a good look. By adjusting the angle or tilting the hats on both right and left sides, one can get a proper look. In addition to this, we can use some props or accessories like glasses, liners, cloth etc. to spice up the things.
  • Hat accessories – If the right hat for you is more costly, don’t need to worry. A normal hat can be made more attractive and stylish by using right accessories like brooches, badges, headbands, scarves etc. Through some trial and error, we can get the right hat and accessories combination at an affordable price.
  • Hat Wearing Factors – Through internet surfing, fashion magazines or fashion walk videos, one can get the right inspiration of how to wear a hat. After that, by going through different color, texture and types, the perfect matching hat can be selected.

Types of Hats:

                Some of the most popular types of hats are as follows:

  • Bowler – With a bowler hat, a good, vintage look can be achieved. This type of hat got more popular after being used by Charlie Chaplin continuously in his comedies. With a double breast suit, bowler hat, umbrella and a vintage car, a perfect look can be attained.
  • Ascot – Give rich and royal look when it is worn. More similar to a flat hat, this one is made of hard material. Hence it sits well on our head and goes very well with both formal and casual attires.
  • Boater – It is a formal hat, more suitable of summer times. It is made of stiff straws with a ribbon around the crown. It is a more matching option for formal attires and can not be used along with casual wears.
  • Pork Pie – More similar to a straw made boater, this type of hat is more suitable for both formal and casual occasions.
  • Homburg – It is a slight modification of bowler hat with a wide brim and is very popular for its more gentle and appealing looks. In recent times, this has been used along with the modern clothes but with the wide brim, it can also be considered as a perfect match for vintage and formal appearance.


With right combinations and selection, hats can give an overwhelming, pleasant look to any kind of attires. Buy a perfect hat and make your look more classy and appealing.